New Weight Loss Trend Encourages Cutting Off A Body Part

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This has to be the dumbest fuc*ing ‘weightloss training’ regimen you can imagine. It also is extremely entertaining. I wonder how much this trainer charged his client  to try and kill him.


A weightloss training session went wrong as an axe split through a shield, cutting open the holder’s arm. As part of his regime to shed the pounds, Andrey Knyazev was training with an MMA fighter from Chelyabinsk, Russia, called Maxim ‘Mad Max’ Novoselov. Having received the axe as a present that day, Andrey and Maxim decided to mix up their training with some swordplay. After just two strikes, the blade splits through Andrey’s shield and he is left visibly in pain before showing off a deep wound pouring with blood.