Note To Self: No Twerking in Cambodia. 10 Tourists Arrested For Dancing!?!

tourists arrested for lewd dancing



10 tourist were arrested for  “singing and dancing pornographically” while visiting Cambodia. This photo was taken shortly before police raided the private villa where the group were vacationing.


The 10 people arrested include citizens of the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Norway. They were held over the weekend and charged with “producing pornographic pictures and materials.” They face up to a year in prison and a fine of up to $500 as their event was held too close to the sacred Angkor Wat Temples.



Tourist arrested for lewd dancing


One of the people arrested said, “Honestly, it was really confusing. Everyone was confused. They raided, rounded us up – there were about 80 to 100 people at this party. Some of them were tourists. There were about 30 of them [police officers].”