Nothing Quite Like A Blindfolded Arrow Catch To Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

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I thought this dude was a magician. Turns out he is a “extreme performance artist”. His name is Chayne Hultgren AKA:The Space Cowboy and he does crazy s**t for fun.  Check out one of his extreme acts below and give him a shout on Youtube.

Info from uploader:

My name is Chayne Hultgren (AKA: The Space Cowboy), 38x Guinness World Record holder and extreme performance artist. In this video I have set up 3x 20lb hunting compound bows on tripods and armed with a target trigger. I shoot one target blindfolded causing a domino effect of arrows and the final arrow is shot at me. The aim of the game is to dodge the arrow and catch it with my bare hand while blindfolded! Believe me, this is one stunt that is not as easy as it looks!
I hope you like it!