Police Officer Maintains Zen Like Composure During Traffic Stop!

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This trooper has to be the calmest cop ever recorded.


Dash cam video shows Maine State Police Trooper Stephen Murray, who stops a motorist for driving 29 miles over the speed limit. After running a license check, Murray learns the motorist has two prior speeding convictions, and before returning to the motorist, double checks to make sure his cruiser’ s video camera is on. It is not. He turns it on and this is where the tape picks up. As Murray approaches the vehicle, you may notice the driver’s disposition right away; he is very negative and hostile, and obviously agitated with the stop. As the trooper tries to explain the violation, the driver denies he was speeding and becomes even more enraged. You may also notice the trooper’s behavior throughout the incident. His ability to remain calm and composed is key; it likely kept the motorist from attempting an assault or other physical action. The trooper displays a high degree of tolerance: He lets the driver vent about the increased cost of living; and he even lets the driver get away with swearing and cursing and making rude remarks aimed directly toward the trooper himself.