On The Run For 14 Years, Yakuza Boss Captured After Tattoo Photo Goes Viral (Video)

Japanese Yakuza boss captured Shigeharu Shirai pictures

Social media is making it almost impossible to hide. Take the story of retired mob boss Shigeharu Shirai for example.  The 74-year-old Shirai had been on the run from the law for 14 years. Japanese authorities were looking to arrest the former Yakuza boss for his role in the shooting of rival gang member back in 2003.


But Shigeharu had fled to Thailand where he had lived a relatively quiet life. He even married a local woman. Allegedly Shirai’s Japanese associates would come to Thailand a couple of times a year bringing him cash gifts to help sustain his life of leisure.


All was well until a Thai tattoo enthusiast snapped a picture of Shirai’s intricate tattoos and uploaded it to Facebook.

The picture was shared over 10,000 times and one of the snaps showed Shirai’s missing pinky finger. This got the attention of Japanese police who then alerted Thai authorities.  Shirai will face illegal entry charges in Thailand as he has never held a visa, and will later be extradited to Japan, a Thai police statement said.