Only Fans Star Defends Family in Gunfight With Home Intruders (Video)


Scary situation but Ansley Pacheco was prepared:


An Instagram model may have saved her family when she grabbed a firearm and engaged in a gunfightΒ with masked intruders who stormed into her Florida home, reports said.

Ansley Pacheco, 26, was at home in Miami-Dade County earlier this month when armedΒ intrudersΒ ambushed her husband, 7-year-old son and their friends while they were watching the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals,Β according to Local 10 News.

β€œWhile I was in the bathroom, I started to hear the commotion, I started hearing, β€˜Get down, get down, give me everything you got,’” she recalled.

β€œI went to the nightstand; I grabbed the gun and I opened the door. I saw one if they guys face to face with me. He told me to put my gun down. I just shook my head no, and then I said, β€˜Don’t shoot me, my son is in here.’”

After a tussle and gunshots, which were caught onΒ surveillanceΒ video, the intruders took off with someΒ watchesΒ and jewelry.