Only One In 1,000 People Can Pass This Intelligence Test.

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This unique intelligence test is going viral on facebook. The test involves adding up a sequence of numbers. The test, created by Go Tumble asks users to ‘think outside the box’ by working out two different but correct answers to a series of equations. Only one in 1,000 people get it right. Can you?

the intelligence test




The makers explain that most people will begin by adding 1 + 4 to reach the answer 5.

Then they’ll add 2 + 5 to the sum of 5 to get an answer of 12.

The majority of users will use the same process in the next line, adding 3 + 6 to get 9, then add nine to the sum in the equation above (12) to reach the figure 21.

In the last stage, they will add 8 + 11 to get 19, before adding it to the sum of the previous line (21) to get 40.

While makers say that 40 is a widely accepted and correct answer, there’s another answer – and only a select few will reach it.



While makers say that, of course, 1 + 4 = 5, intelligent people will get the answer by adding 1 to 4 x 1.

Using that formula, they’ll add 2 to 2 x 5 to get 12.

They’ll then add 3 to 6 x 3 to get 21.

And to reach the final and alternate answer, they’ll add 8 to 11 x 8 to get 96.