Owner Tries To Put Sweater On Her Pitbull Mix Named Scarface. Dog Retaliates By Trying To Maul Her To Death.

Dog mauls owners after they tried to put sweater on him


Despite all the Instagram pictures, animals don’t actually enjoy wearing clothes. One family found this out the hard way.

Tampa Police said 52-year-old Brenda Guerrero tried to put a sweater on the dog when he attacked. Her husband, 46-year-old Ismael Guerrero, attempted to pull Scarface off his wife when the dog began attacking him.

Police said the couple’s son, 22-year-old Antoine Harris, then got a knife and stabbed the dog in the head and neck to try to stop the attack. The dog then began attacking Harris. All three were able to escape into the house, leaving the dog in the backyard.


It seems to us like they named the dog appropriately. Hear more of the story in the video below.