Panda’s May Look Cute But Don’t Wake Them From Their Nap Or Else…


Don’t ever wake a sleeping bear. Despite how cute Pandas appear, they can still manhandle you. One idiotic Chinese man found this out the hard way.  A tourist wrestled with a giant panda after sneaking into its enclosure in an attempt to impress two female friends.

The man, in his 20s, was having a tour of the zoo in southeast China’s Jiangxi province with two women when he crossed the 10ft-deep ditch into the panda house.

He woke the 260lb animal, Mei Ling, who lunged at his leg and clenched it tightly. But when the intruder tried to get away, the animal wrestled him to the floor.

The pair continued rolling in the grass for several minutes before Mei Ling rolled over and the man made his escape.

The idiot, whose name is Chen, was examined by medics after the incident on Thursday and found to be unharmed.

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