Parents Name Son “Google” And Set Him Up For A Lifetime Of Humiliation

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baby named google

A baby in Indonesia is going viral after his parents legally named him “Google”; no surname or middle name, just Google, exactly like the search engine.

The eight-month-old boy’s father, 31-year-old Andi Cahya Saputra, told Indonesian media that he first contemplated the idea of giving his child a tech-related name when his wife was seven months pregnant. Before that, he had considered more common names, like Albar Dirgantara Putra (seriously), or names mentioned in the Quran, but in the end he decided that those names don’t muster up enough emotion. So he ended up looking at names of technology companies and products like “Windows, iPhone, Microsoft and iOS”, and ultimately settled on Google. Somebody give this man a father of the year award. Although the mother wasn’t fond of the name (we wonder why), she ultimately agreed and now they have a baby boy named after the world’s most popular internet search engine. Poor kid.
baby named google

Local media in south-western Indonesia’s West Java Province recently reported that the boy’s mother, 27-year-old Ella Karin was too embarrassed to reveal his name to the world for the first three months, referring to him solely as ‘baby boy’. This should have been a sign that she made a mistake. Instead the name grew on her and now she says that she hopes her son will become “a leader” of “many people”.

Asked why they didn’t at least include a surname or a second name on Google’s birth certificate, Andi Cahya Saputra said that he didn’t want to “dilute” the essence of the boy’s special name.

“I told my father, ‘Pak, Google has a great meaning, because I hope Google can help many people, become a useful person to others,’” Google’s father added. “Google is number one in the world, the site most visited by people.” We guess you have to find a silver lining wherever you can.

Ella admitted that people like to joke about their choice of name for their son, saying that if they ever have another child they’ll name it “WhatsApp”, but she says it doesn’t bother her that much, because they just don’t understand the “meaning” of Google’s name. Mmmkkayyy