Photographer’s Awesome “Robot Next Door” Project Is A Must See!

Robots In Real Life

It doesn’t get any cooler than  Niko Photogrphsm , project The the Robot the Next Door

His work show  aims to blur the “fuzzy line between man and machine”. The photographs are a skillful combination of human models with mechanical and electronic elements, imposed separately. The pictures look extremely realistic and with robots becoming more and more apart of our existence, it’s only a matter of time until this imagery becomes reality.

Niko had the following to say about his work: “I draw a parallel between the relationship of digital and ‘real’ life, which supports perceptions of appearance and their derivatives, ” continues the photographer.  ” We can play roles, we can play characters, and appearances can often be false or misleading.”

Since launching this project in 2017, Niko Photogrphsm has created an estimated 100 photographs with over 40 models. Check out a sample of his work and then go give him a follow:

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