Want Your Child To Get Creative With Their Poop? Then PooPaint Toilet Paper Is For You.


Inspire creativity in your child with poop.  PooPaint is  toilet paper designed to make potty training an immersive and unique experience  by allowing you to paint with poop when wiping your child’s bottom. Featuring a variety of printed images with dotted line sections that you are supposed to fill in with the leftover poop on a toddler’s bottom. Sure, it sounds like an absolutely horrible idea but it’s one companies pitch:


“Toddlers have a hard time getting out of their diapers. Many have a hard time making the connection between pooping and going to the toilet. Inspiration found in a bathroom stall! PooPaint allows kids to wipe using toilet paper that feels as if they were playing with a colouring book. Making potty time into a positive and fun experience!” ಠ__ಠ.


Mmmkkayy If painting with poop sounds like a fun activity, you can buy PooPaint online, at a price of 500 yen ($4.65) per set (2 rolls).