Popular Youtuber Roman Atwood Shares Stalker Story That Forced Him Off YouTube

Roman Atwood: YouTube Star & His Wife Forced Off Social Media by Stalkers


Roman Atwood is a YouTube star from Ohio who says he and his wife, Brittany Atwood, were forced off social media because of a harassment campaign by “extremely scary stalkers.” He posted a video, “Forced Off YouTube — Full FBI Story,” alongside his wife and newborn son on his “Roman Atwood Vlogs” channel to discuss why he had been mostly absent from the site in 2020.

Atwood, who has more than 15.5 million subscribers on his family vlog YouTube channel, posted only five videos in 2020, after posting dozens of videos a year about his family life dating back to 2013. Atwood rose to fame on YouTube and social media with a prank channel, which has been dormant since 2016, and transitioned to vlogging about his life in 2013.