Price Gouging Scumbags Get The Perfect Theme Song (Video)

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Hixson man has nearly 18000 bottles of sanitizer he can't sell


On March 1, the day after the first coronavirus death in the United States, Matt and Noah Colvin saw an opportunity to profit. Over the next three days, the Colvin brothers took a 1,300-mile road trip across Tennessee and into Kentucky, filling a U-Haul truck with thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer and thousands of packs of antibacterial wipes.

Their plan was to sell the items at inflated prices on Amazon, a price gouging tactic resellers like to call ‘retail arbitrage‘. Then in response to growing criticism from regulators and customers, Amazon and eBay (who also own Kijiji) cracked down, banning price gougers from their marketplace during the current pandemic.



Now the above douchetards have a perfect theme song for their business exploits: