Remember The “Professional Twerker” Who Quit Her Teaching Job For Full Time Booty Shaking?

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A little blast from the past for Twerk TuesdayJessica Vanessa was Vines (does it still exist?) favorite booty shaker. She famously proclaimed to the world about how much money she was raking in on social media. The former teacher said companies were paying her boatloads of cash to promote their stuff in between her twerk videos and comedy skits. Well, is she still pulling in the dough? It sure seems that way. One look at both her Facebook and Instagram account show that she is still very active. She seems to do less twerking now and more sketches.


She has a healthy following of around one million people on IG and 250,000 on FB.   It looks like her career change was worthwhile. Check out some of her more recent pictures below:







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