See It: The World’s Smallest Phone Is Smaller Than A USB Drive And Lighter Than A Coin!!


Pictures of the world's smallest phone



The World’s Smallest Phone

Are you in the market for a new phone that can fit comfortably up your arse ?  Just joking (sorta) but the  Zanco tiny t1 is such a  small phone, we can’t think of a practical use for it aside from smuggling.  The company that has created this mini phone claims that it is a fully functional, talk & text mobile phone.


Pictures of the world's smallest phone


Zanco has been in the business of creating tiny mobile phones for years, but the tiny t1 is so small that it started out as a joke. The guys at Clubbit, a marketing company working with Zanco, were shown a prototype of the manufacturer’s Zanco Fly micro phone.  They were so impressed by its size(or lack of it) that they asked if a smaller mobile phone was even possible.  Zanco founder Shazad Talib said ‘we could probably make one half the size’. Boom – 18 months later, they unveiled the unbelievably small  Zanco tiny t1.


Pictures of the world's smallest phone


Before mass production began, Zanco wanted to see if consumers would actually buy such a small phone. They set up a Kickstarter croudfunding campaign with a $33,444 goal.  The demand blew them away as they surpassed their goal and raised $103,954 and counting.

So it looks like this small phone that started as a joke will be coming to market. Learn more in the video below.


small phone gif

Pictures of the world's smallest phone


“The first time you see it you can’t believe it exists. Your second thought is why does it exist? When you look a third time you realize how much you want it.” – Kickstarter campaign


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