See The Fake Gun Made Out Of Furniture Parts Used In An Attempted Robbery!

Jeffrey Derringer is facing charges of aggravated robbery after allegedly using a fake gun to try and rob a gas station convenience store in Akron on Christmas. (AKRON PD)


An idiot in Ohio attempted to rob a local gas station on Christmas using a fake gun made from furniture parts.  The genius pictured up above tried to pull off the robbery while multiple people were inside the convenience store (see the gun below):


One of the employees was able to escape to the back of the store where they called police.

According to the Daily News, another employee soon realized the rifle was actually fake and confronted Derringer with the help of three customers.

Derringer allegedly tried to flee by running to an empty parking lot next door, but was caught and detained until officers arrived to take him into custody.

Derringer is being held at the Summit County jail awaiting his first court appearance.


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