See Why This “Rich Kids Of London” Instagram Post Has Caused A Social Media Uproar

People on Instagram are pissed off at the below video. In the clip a small dog is used as a sponge to clean a  $2 million Maserati.  The video was posted to the Rich Kids Of London Instagram account with the comment:

“The only way to wash the iconic 6.0 litre #maseratimc12 is with 100% natural puppy fur ensuring a proper polish. (No puppy was harmed in this video – all smiles and tail wags here). Courtesy of @m666ya “

So far users are blasting the woman who posted the original video with comments like:

“This is not funny, people watching this video could be influenced for the worst. I hope and pray this puppy is in safe hands”

“This is actually sickening.”

“Psychologists will tell you, simple abuse of animals often leads to abuse of humans in later life. Seek some help now.”

and more but there has been some defense of the post with one person writing:

“Use common sense! Its just a joke! No harm! I dont see the guy using excesive force. Its just a freakin´ joke!”

What do you think?

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