You have to see how this young lady celebrated her graduation (it’s a mess)

This Young Lady Had A Messy Graduation In Argentina


This has to be the weirdest way to celebrate a milestone. This young woman just graduated university. I am going to assume she did so with a squeaky clean record, because she decided to get down and dirty for graduation. Actually I have no clue why she is covered in a mud like substance but the pictures look awesome. Congrats go out to her.

graduating_argentina_01 graduating_argentina_18 graduating_argentina_17 graduating_argentina_16

graduating_argentina_15 graduating_argentina_14 graduating_argentina_13 graduating_argentina_12 graduating_argentina_11 graduating_argentina_10 graduating_argentina_09 graduating_argentina_08 graduating_argentina_07 graduating_argentina_06 graduating_argentina_05 graduating_argentina_04 graduating_argentina_03 graduating_argentina_02

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