Shocking Footage Shows The Moment 3-Year-Old Boy Attacked By Rottweiler

Rottweiler attacks a 3-year-old in South Africa


Disturbing CCTV captures the exact moment a Rottweiler attacks a 3-year-old boy named Marco in his family garden in South Africa. The boy can be seen playing before the dog jumps on him and attempts to go for the child’s neck.

The animal doesn’t stop the onslaught until a woman runs out of the house and pushes the hound away.

Warning the footage is disturbing:

Marco’s father, Francois later shot the dog and faced a backlash online for doing so.

Mr Slabbert was criticised for sharing the video online and for shooting the dog himself rather than giving it to an animal welfare organisation to deal with.

He said: ‘It wasn’t out of anger or revenge, but to protect the other people on my property.

‘Nobody knows if the Rottweiler would have attacked someone again. When a dog has attacked someone the chances are good that he will do it again.’

He said he contacted the local branch of animal help group SPCA and was told that they would also have put the animal down.

Marco was treated in the MediClinic in nearby Welkom and discharged the next day.

Mr Slabbert said of his son: ‘He’s running around again and getting up to mischief.’

the Rottweiler moments before attacking Three-year-old Marco Slabbert