Italian Teens Have Found A New Way To Annoy Their Elders With Stereo Bikes 🚲+🔊 = 😡

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stereo bikes in Italy

Teens in the city of Palermo, Sicily, have found an effective way to annoy their elders. They are fitting their bicycles with stereo sound systems you expect to see in cars. Why? Who knows why teens do anything but I hope this trend doesn’t find its way over to the states.

The cost of these bike upgrades range from a couple of hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars.  The finished project usually consists of  a head unit on the handlebar, speakers and tweeters in the middle section of the bike, between the seat post and the handlebar, and amplifiers, subwoofers and car batteries in the back.


It looks hideous to us but the kids seem to love it. The Italian teens have dubbed their creations “Implanted bicycles”. They have gatherings where they all get together to blast their music and show off their bikes.   There is no doubt in our minds that the Italian police hate this subculture of bikers. They are the ones called to disperse gatherings of bike tuners after they have irritated enough locals.

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