Street Artist Uses His Dog In Performance While Busking As A Living Statue! 🗿🐶

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street artist uses dog while busking as a living statue

A Brazilian street performer is making waves online after word of his unique approach to his ‘living statue’ routine has spread via social media. Yorge Luís Ruiz is a young Venezuelan street artist who spends his days busking as a living statue. His routine (standing completely still) is like a game of freeze tag but where you are never unfrozen. He’s not the only street artist who has performed as a living statue but he is the only one with an adorable partner who participates. Yorge has incorporated his cute canine named Jaspe into his act by having her rest on his arm and remain as still as she possibly can during his performance.

Ruiz claims that he never trained the dog and that their frozen bond just happened naturally. He alleges that he noticed that Jaspe lifted her head and froze into place whenever he kissed her on the neck, and since she was always with him anyway, he decided to use her reaction as part of the living statue routine. I find it hard to believe as I can’t get my dog to sit still for even a second if there is no treat involved but Ruiz seems to have bottled some magic:

Yorge and Jaspe have had some controversy. A woman who claimed to be from an animal protection agency accused Yorge of mistreating and drugging Jaspe for financial reasons. The women went to the local police but the authorities neglected to take Jaspe away without proof.

We thank you very much, we thank the Brazilian people every day for enjoying our work,” Yorge Luis Ruiz wrote in an recent Instagram post. “We’re overwhelmed by all the positive comments we are getting right now”. You can follow Yorge and Jaspe daily standstill on Instagram: