T.G.I.F unny Picture Blend #486

The Infamous Funny Picture Dumpfunny-pics-blend-thrillblender7

I have a bright idea. It’s Friday – Let’s PAR-TAY! Have a fun and safe one out there. The world doesn’t need another “baby daddy”. I gotta stop listening to random teller conversations at the store. Let’s go…

 funny-pics-blend-thrillblender13 TGIFfunny-pics-blend-thrillblender22

funny-pics-blend-thrillblender23 Derp


funny-pics-blend-thrillblender18 She is trying to tell us something

funny-pics-blend-thrillblender14 All day everyday

funny-pics-blend-thrillblender8She will recover by Monday



funny-pics-blend-thrillblender17 Shhhh keep scrolling

funny-pics-blend-thrillblender24 Makes sense to me

funny-pics-blend-thrillblender37 BaDummTsss

funny-pics-blend-thrillblender36 Good Morning

funny-pics-blend-thrillblender38 Seems like a great idea to us


nomnomnom Nomnomnomnomnom

funny-pics-blend-thrillblender35 Bring all your meths ??

funny-pics-blend-thrillblender34He nailed his Vegas Trip

funny-pics-blend-thrillblender30 Yes Please

funny-pics-blend-thrillblender32 This explains so much.

funny-pics-blend-thrillblender33 Gran Gran is a saint for this

funny-pics-blend-thrillblender27 I think Dennis needs a time out


funny-pics-blend-thrillblender26 Selfie Ninja Alert

funny-pics-blend-thrillblender25My drink of choice

funny-pics-blend-thrillblender19 dope

funny-pics-blend-thrillblender12 A must have

funny-pics-blend-thrillblender4Sold at “I won’t steal” ?


Anybody tried this?

funny-pics-blend-thrillblender2 Well Played fellas.

funny-pics-blend-thrillblender1 Well that escalated rather fast


funny-pics-blend-thrillblender11 Cheers to the weekend

turnt-thrillblender This would so be my butler

funny-pics-blend-thrillblender5 Girls just want to have fun…funny-pics-blend-thrillblender15 In the sun. It’s been our pleasure to serve you this week fellas.funny-pics-blend-thrillblender6

Carpe Diem