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Another week has come and gone (thank god). We now get 48 hours to fu*k sh*t up. Plan wisely and have an epic weekend blenders!


humor (20) Good Morninghumor (17) funny shit (2)humor (9)

Well at 5pm it will be..humor (18)too soon?humor (22) funny shit (3)humor (21) In their defense it’s a tough jobhumor (12) This guyhumor (11) Nailed Ithumor (13) I want to hang this picture in my living roomhumor (2) funny shit (1)funny shit (4)funny shit (5)Perfect fixfunny shit (6)Her face though ???tumblr_nhz0g3J7R21r6in91o1_1280Yes pleasehumor (2) I feel you Charliehumor (10) Yep, seems about right.humor (4) humor (5) Walmart. Shots fired your way. hu Looks tastyhumor (1)Another tinder gem
humor (8) Factshumor (16) funny shit (7)funny shit (8)funny shit (9)My spirit animal
tumblr_nq8p1mUWoj1u8cq3to7_500humor (7) This idiothumor (15) I started young but not this younghumor (6) Anybody up for a quarter pounder with cheesehumor (14) Stoop Fat. He has a weight problem. He also doesn’t give a fuck. This is “Stoop Fat”. He has a weight problem. He also doesn’t give a f*ck.humor (3) It’s a daily fight bourdain..a daily fight bro.

tumblr_och9ia4VQK1rle9u4o1_500Fellas it’s been real. Don’t knock anyone up this weekend…

Carpe Diem