funnyshit (11)

Finally…Friday.  Be safe out there lads. Wrap it up and make sure you have your emergency bail fund accessible.  But first enjoy today’s funny picture blend:

test2 When you really need that power naptest

LMAO close enoughfunnyshit (21) But he lost at the game of lifefunnyshit (27)Cheers
funnyshit (26) How TFfunnyshit (25) When is Kanye going to change her diaper?funnyshit (24) gifs (1) What the hell did he order?funnyshit (23) This is what marriage feels like for most menfunnyshit (19) Good Morningfunnyshit (20) This guyfunnyshit (17) Majesticfunnyshit (16) funnyshit (14) I would hand it over asapfunnyshit (18) funnyshit (15) They really have to work on the size of pizza boxesfunnyshit (13) funnyshit (12) funnyshit (10) I need some yars in my lifefunnyshit (22) funnyshit (9) I’d hit and have purple babiesfunnyshit (6)funnyshit (5) They don’t build em like they used to. Because of the deaths.funnyshit (7) funnyshit (4) funnyshit (2) funnyshit (8) Cheesefunnyshit (3) It’s been fun fellas. But time to get into the weekend like….gifs (2)

Carpe Diem