T.G.I.F riday’s Funny Picture Blend #553

Boredom Killer


First week of the New Year is done. I don’t know about you guys but I didn’t do a damn thing different. I actually drank my way through the week ( gin of course) so I’m not certain if that’s a good sign. Maybe week two will be a little less intensive on my liver. Regardless, let’s enjoy todays random picture dump below…


Time To Get Our Drink On


Nor does your emergency service responder

Legit advice

Good Morning


Yes Please

Sonya is such a eyeful

WTF is in that drink??


Didn’t think this through did ya

Got ’em

Just a little awkward but with practice and Vodka it will get better

What about spelling night?

Paul Ryan has great restraint

I should have been more specific

It’s been a fun week fellas.

Now it’s time to paint the town red..

Carpe Diem