T.G.I.F unny Picture Blend #544

Another Infamous Funny Pic Blend

Hopefully you’re not on the naughty list this Christmas. But if you are on this website – you probably are. Just joking fellas. Listen we want you all to have a safe, fun, and awesome weekend but first enjoy today’s picture blend.

Innocence lost


These guys


Good Morning

Absolutely No Chill Whatsoever



Yes Please

Try and Get some action this weekend

or at least have a drink


Miss me with the BS

There are way too many straws in this picture

Every Damn Day

The lady behind Dick Vitale Looks Exactly Like Dick Vitale With A Wig On ?

Nope Not Today Brain

We got a theme going this morning.

Gents It has been fun.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Time slide into the weekend like…


Carpe Diem