T.G.I.F unny Picture Blend #563

Infamous Boredom Killer

Guys we made it to Friday. I honestly don’t know how I did it. I ran out of Gin 3 days ago and haven’t been able to make it to the liquor store. I’m surprised I know how to operate at this point. Let’s get this sh*t show started and then paint the town red..

Let The Festivities Begin

How I Feel About The Weekend

Counting down the hours on Friday

It happens

When You need every last drop to deal

Whose womb is this?

Good Morning

It’s Friday F it all


Sh*t Happens

I think you may have missed a spot

Oh there it is

Yes Please

It’s the weekend be prepared for anything

This guy is obviously in a rush. Somebody save that child.

Alright fellas. It’s time to hit the street. So say it with me…

Carpe Diem