Taiwanese Mafia’s Unusual “F*ck You, Pay Me” Method Involves A Lot Of Cockroaches!

mafias method

Representatives of the Taiwanese mafia broke into the capital’s restaurant G House Taipei and scattered about a thousand cockroaches in the banquet hall, where high-ranking police officers were walking. According to preliminary data, the owner of the establishment owes money to the criminal group. Writes about this Taiwan News.

mafias method

In connection with the incident, five people were detained: four men and a woman. The Taipei Times reports that two suspects were spreading arthropods, two more were monitoring the situation, the latter being the driver.

The presence in the restaurant of the police leadership at the time of the crime is considered by the investigators to be a coincidence.

The Taipei Police Commissioner described the cockroach incident as an act of violence and likened it to splashing paint or feces. There is reason to believe that the criminal group “Bamboo Union” is involved in it.

G House Taipei has promised to carry out a complete pest control and disinfection.