3DR Solo – The Smart Drone


If you love tech and toys then this bad boy is right up your alley. The 3DR Solo drone made by 3drobotics  is the next level of drone technology. Here is what Colin Guinn, Chief Revenue Officer of 3DR had to say :

We set out a year ago with the promise of not just creating the best drone, but the best overall aerial filmmaking experience imaginable. While this meant giving Solo smooth and powerful flight dynamics, it also demanded we make a smarter drone, one that could abstract users from flying so they can focus on getting great video

Some attributes of the 3DR Solo:

  • effortless flight –  Solo makes flying easier than it’s ever been with smooth and authoritative GPS satellite-guided flight.
  • Computer-assisted cinematography- one-of-a-kind computer-assisted Smart Shots (patent pending). Just set up the exact shot you want in real time, then tap “play” on the app and Solo will execute it with precision.
  • The Solo Gimbal: Smart Shots; perfectly stable footage; GoPro control & charging; HD video
  • The first-ever consumer drone run by two full-blown computers
  • User-friendly wireless updates
  • The Solo Smart Battery

and so much more that you can find out about HERE. Let’s check this bad boy out in action:

It will retail at $1,399.90

“Solo is a breakthrough in intelligent flight. It’s not just smarter so that it can do more; it’s smarter so that you have to do less. We’ve turned the Hollywood toolkit into software, and allowed everyone to experience epic video, both behind and in front of the camera.” — Chris Anderson, CEO 3D Robotics

3DR – Dawn of the Aerial Age


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