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Tess Holiday Takes On Uber Driver For “Fat Shaming”

Tess Holiday is a plus sized model. She’s gaining more attention this week after posting a small snippet of an Uber driver asking her about her cholesterol.

According to Holiday, who is based in Los Angeles, the Uber driver informed her there was no way she could possibly be healthy because she was fat.

“My cholesterol is fine, I’m perfect,” she can be heard telling him in the Instagram clip. “I’m healthy.”

Holliday said that after she informed the driver she was healthy he switched the radio off and changed the subject. The model said the ordeal had been so distressing she would not be using the global car service in the future.

“My driver who is fat is questioning if I’m healthy … Hey Uber I don’t pay more to use your ‘black car’ service to be told that there’s no way I could possibly be healthy because I’m fat and then questioning it,” she said in the caption of the post.

“No one should have to tolerate this at any level of the services you offer. I’m fat. I also have a fat wallet and will no longer be using your services. Ever.”


What are your thoughts on this situation fellas?



and here she is clarifying her stance…