THE $50 3D Printed ‘Robohand’

Seven-year-old girl gets 3-D printed ‘robohand’

Faith Lennox, Nicole Lennox

Faith Lennox lost her hand at only 9 months old but that didn’t stop this young lady from pushing forward with a vibrant strong spirit. The little girl didn’t even want a prosthetic limb as she got older. Then her parents told her she had an opportunity at getting a cool colorful custom-made prosthetic and Faith figured she would give it a try. Why not. The seven year old got to choose the colors of her new prosthetic and the end product was awesome. Faith showed off the hand to others, flexing its pink and blue fingers as she gripped her small, stuffed “Nemo” toy. The prosthetic was constructed overnight at the Build It Workspace studio in Los Alamitos, California.  It represents a breakthrough in small, lightweight hands that are economical and easy for children to use. Awesome work this team is doing for a great cause. Check out the video and pictures below:

Faith Lennox


Faith Lennox