The Infamous Boredom Killer #559

Warning: Epic Pictures Scroll With Caution

Thrill Blender is for men,  by men,  about sh*t men want to see. Accept no substitutes fellas…


I’m a degenerate

No bids? What is society coming to?

Well Played


Good Morning

He’s getting real tired of your sh*t Todd


Got ya (but I have something better below ?)


Your welcome ? (Sophie Mudd)


It’s way too early for any B.S.




?hahahahahhahaha ???

nailed it


Just read it

Everyday of my life


John has this whole weather thing figured out

This could be a problem

We love all you guys who take the time to scroll our picture blends.

It’s hard to compile pictures when you’re as drunk as we

Respect. Now we gotta beat the street like…

Carpe Diem