The Infamous Funny Pic Blend #540

Your Morning Dose Of Funny Pics

What’s up fellas! We hope you guys had an epic weekend.  It’s now back to the grind but as always we have your back. Enjoy today’s infamous funny picture blend:

We wish it was that easy

Good Morning

No spell check out there in the real world eh

Take My Money


The pain in his face is palpable

Mack Daddy Bob Ross Wants To Show Her The Joy Of Painting

A Pirate’s Creed Is Always Stay Focused On That Booty


Do it…DO IT

Just scouting the competition

Baking was so much easier ladies.

Step Your Game Up Fellas

Sh*t Happens

Family Moments

78 you say hmmmm

Kid face plants in horse poop and it’s quick take a picture. Not, let’s get a napkin and get the s**t out of his mouth ?



Always ask yourself..but did you die?

I would hate to see their regular price

Yes Please

It was a fun scroll. Sigh..

Time to get this Monday started like…

Carpe Diem