The Infamous Funny Picture Blend #552

The Awesome, Weird, And Wild Picture Blend

Thanks Todd. It only takes one person to ruin the fun for the bunch. Gents, welcome to another one of our daily random picture blends. Enjoy the scroll..

That’s not creepy at all

This Guy

You Always Have Your Selfie Stick

Good Morning

Nah, I’ll Pass…for now.

Yes, Please

You Two D*cks Carry This

Troll Status = Legend

I Will Never EVER Understand “Art”

Damn, I can only imagine tip #1 and 2.


When did movie night become so fancy?

His pimp hand is strong



If you need this book you probably shouldn’t get a tattoo

f*ck pinterest – Granny

Another picture blend has come to a close.

We hope you enjoyed the scroll.

Time for me to start my day like…

Carpe Diem