The Most Expensive Rehab In The World Will Set You Back 370k/Month


Paracelsus in Switzerland is the most expensive rehab in the world, serving a clientele of royalty, politicians, oligarchs, business tycoons and A-list celebrities. Forget the £20,000-a-month celebrities spend at The Priory in Surrey, or the £41,700 they shell out for 45 days at the Meadows in Arizona – a five-week residential rehab here costs a whopping £315,000 – about ten times the average UK annual salary. Staying at a lakeside villa in Zurich with 24/7 limousine transportation, a personal chef, a butler and a concierge, clients have access to a five-star hotel spa and a live-in therapist (who sleeps in the spare room). Activities include tennis, yoga, martial arts, weightlifting, massage and more.