Teen who tried to charge phone on Broadway stage speaks out

Meet Nick Silvestri  one kid who doesn’t give a f*ck about your play when he has to charge his damn phone. Somehow this story came across my twitter feed and I spent a full 10 minutes laughing at all the “hoopla” it seems to have stirred up. I’m not big on Broadway although I used to work around that sh*t show of an area, so I don’t know much about play etiquette. However I do know there are some common sense things you should not do. Like try and charge your phone on the prop stage set up. Which is exactly what my main man Nick did:

I know it’s not right, but I still think it’s funny as all hell. Because A) the outlet was fake and  B) he thought this was a good idea. I had never heard of the play “Hand to God” before this incident, so they should really  thank Nick. The press they have received far outweighs the seriousness of the incident. You would have thought he jumped on the stage and knocked out and actor. They have definitely milked it for all it’s worth. Nick  even gave a press conference to explain his actions. Yep, a serious press conference where one reporter ( I kid you not) asked to see the phone involved.

I hope the dude takes it as far as he can, seeing how this charging incident is breathing some life into the theater district.

Keep slaying it Nick.

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