The SIX12 Revolver Shotgun

 SIX12 2015

Get ready to have your mind blown. When it comes to bad ass weapons the SIX12 is on the top of the list.  the SIX12™. Originally designed to provide a safer, faster and more efficient means of breaching doors, the SIX12™ is a 6-round, 12-gauge, cylinder-fed shotgun that can be mounted to most AR platforms.   Its unique design puts the weight of the gun much closer to the shooter making it much easier to carry and use. The SIX12™ is extremely compact—critical when mounting it under an AR. Although the SIX12™ was originally developed to improve breaching, its modular design and the ever expanding variety of 12-gauge rounds make it ideal for many home defense and law enforcement uses. Made in the US from US materials. Without further adieu check out the SIX12 in action:

Revolver Shotgun  SIX12 2015

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