The Spree Murderer Behind The Meme

Nikko Jenkins Meme


Anyone can go viral..even convicted killers. There is a viral TikTok meme/challenge called ‘He Killed Someone Because They Got Caught Staring At Him” . The video (above) shows kids turning away the moment convicted killer Nikko Jenkins looks at the camera.

Social media has managed to take a real situation and turn it into something funny, when in actuality it’s really no laughing matter. Nikko is a spree killer that murdered four people over a ten day period. Why? Because he’s a fucking psycho. On Sept. 3, 2013, Nikko Jenkins confessed to an Omaha murder spree that took the lives of four people during a police interrogation. In the interrogation, Jenkins says the murders were acts of sacrifice to a deity known as Apophis. Check out the crazy story below:




Jenkins Was Ultimately Sentenced To Death:

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