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World’s Toughest Dogs? $40,000 Protection Canines

World's- Toughest Dogs- $40,000 Protection Canines

Man’s best friend is great for love and companionship but they can also be vicious protection animals. MEET Britain’s toughest dogs – schooled to wrestle a gun away from an attacker or savage an intruder on command. The fearless canines sell for upwards of £20,000 to VIPs including foreign dignitaries and Premier League footballers fearful of armed robbers or kidnappers looking for a hefty ransom. The dogs are sourced from around the world – from Serbia and Czech Republic to American and Russia – by Bradford-based trainers Robert Dye, 30, and Leedor Borlant, 25, who run Protection Dogs UK. The video features Mario, a gigantic 127lb Cane Corso is now owned by trainer Leedor, and Drago – a 92lb Doberman with a price-tag of more than £25,000. All of this is even more amazing to me because I have trouble training my dog to pee outside. -.-

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