They Might Want To Fix This Pothole



It’s only a matter of time until a kid or small dog goes missing inside this crater.

A country road containing a pothole deep enough to hold a fully grown adult has been dubbed “the worst road in Lancashire” by a frustrated resident that has been trying to get city council to fix it for over year.

According to the Burnley Express, Aron Cross reported the hole in Keighley Road, Wycoller, to the county council’s Highways department a year ago – and said he was amazed the huge defect had not been spotted when officials inspected the site recently.

That’s when he decided to take a photo of his son Lewis (pictured) standing in the hole to show anyone who would listen, how deep it was.

A spokesman for the county council said: “This is a country track bordered by a ditch which people who drive in rural areas will be familiar with. We maintain it to a safe level, and couldn’t find any large holes at the side when it was inspected recently.

“We will ask Mr Cross for the precise location where the photo was taken so that we can carry out further checks and take action if needed.” [source]