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Is it Friday yet. Sigh. Well at least we have another funny blend of pictures for your enjoyment. Enjoy..

funny-pictures-29 Good Morningfunny-pictures-36 Did they even try ..I mean c’mon ..”Crispy Hexagons”funny-pictures-34 funny-pictures-33 I think my dog is trying to tell me something

funny-pictures-35 HARD PASS

Someone is upset

funny-pictures-37 Man of the house

funny-pictures-38 Worst Vet Ever

funny-pictures-39 funny-pictures-40 ??

funny-pictures-31 She’s got jokes

funny-pictures-30 Yes please


funny-pictures-23Now this is a man I could proudly get behind


Most of those corny other guys

funny-pictures-24 You know the feeling. We all do.

funny-pictures-16 Almost made it

funny-pictures-14 Only in Vegas

funny-pictures-15 Chillaxing

funny-pictures-21 With friends like this..

funny-pictures-22 Wrong way buddy..wrong way!


funny-pictures-11 Never go shopping hungover


??funny-pictures-8 I knew it

funny-pictures-13 funny-pictures-5 funny-pictures-6 I dare you

funny-pictures-18 funny-pictures-17 Keep it classy

funny-pictures-19 funny-pictures-20Let us know how that works out for ya



I sure hope she is kidding.
funny-pictures-3 When your cat is over your sh*t

funny-pictures-4This man deserves a raise. He will probably get a casket instead.

funny-pictures-28 Flawless

funny-pictures-10 It’s been fun fellas. Until next time…


Carpe Diem

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