THIS FATHER HAS NO FEAR. “Shoot Me, Buddy, Shoot Me”

Fearless Father Confronts  Security Guard

-Shoot Me, Buddy, Shoot Me!- Fearless Father Confronts Scumbag Security Guard

This is what we know from the uploader of the video:

First this coward of a security guard nearly ran over a father who was carrying his young child. Then the wannabe cop hit the 2-year-old with pepper spray. Finally, he pulled a gun, pointed it at the dad and ran around like a chicken.

We don’t get to see the preceding actions mentioned above in the actual video. But we can assume that for the father to be this angry and aggressive, it’s more than plausible the above happened. Watching this guy run around his vehicle with his gun out is pretty entertaining. The father is however lucky that the security guard didn’t pull the trigger. It was a very risky gamble on his part.