This ‘Goat Monster’ Is Just A Really Unattractive Goat Breed


The video above has circulated online of a deformed-looking male goat. The animal in the viral clip has been referred to as some sort of a ‘goat monster’ but the truth is not that strange.  The goat is just an ordinary Damascus Goat and it’s supposed to look that way.  Damascus goats are not the most photogenic animals on the planet but they are extremely valuable for the genetically superior quality of their milk.


ugly goat monster picture is really just a Damascus Goat.


I would wager that the goat in the viral video is definitely the result of some extreme animal breeding.  But there is no denying that the “Damascus goat” specimen have a rather unique look about them. They are  bred in Syria and other Near East countries and they all have a variation of that sci-fi look…


A Damascus Goat.

A face only a mother could love.

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