This Husband Was Bitten By A Fly And Can’t Remember His Wife

In a funny coincidence this was the same excuse I used to get out of my first relationship.

A woman who has been happily married for more than 30 years has been left devastated after her husband FORGOT her.

Christine and Gary Newman had the perfect marriage, and loved spending time with their three children and six grandchildren.

But in May 2015, Gary was struck down with encephalitis – a rare but serious condition where the brain becomes inflamed – after being bitten by a FLY.

Since coming out of hospital, 59-year-old Gary has forgotten his whole family, and the virus has left him with the memory of a goldfish.

Christine, 58, now acts as Gary’s carer – and the devoted wife spends hours every day poring over family photos with him, in a bid to jog his memory.


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