This Isn’t A Scene From A Michael Bay Movie. Terrifying Wildfires Are Raging Across Southern Cali!

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This is probably the scariest scene we have witnessed today. Entertainment manager Scooter Braun shared the below clip of a raging wildfire in LA.

Via Scooter:

Mornings like these make you grateful for everything you have in your life. This video was leading up to our exit. Close to our home. My prayers go out to all those affected and thank you to the city of LA and the first responders for their hard work. We are standing by and praying for containment. Once again… moments like these… when you are woken up at 5:30 am with smoke in the air, and told to pack your belongings.. these moments make you look around… forget the bullshit… and say thank you. Praying for all those affected. Be safe.