Lexus – The Origami Inspired Car Revealed

Lexus - The Origami Inspired Car Revealed

What will Lexus think of next. First it was the Lexus Hoverboard and now we have their origami inspired car. When it comes to keeping thing exciting the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Toyota wants to lead the pack. The remarkable Lexus Origami Car is a faithful replica of the new IS saloon, produced as a celebration of the human craftsmanship skills that go into every car Lexus makes.  The skilled men and women – known as takumi – who work on the Lexus production lines hone their dexterity skills by learning how to fold paper into a origami model cat, using only their non-dominant hand. The Origami Car takes the spirit of this talent to a far higher level, while also embracing the spirit of Lexus’s Creating Amazing global brand campaign. It’s pretty cool to look at but don’t expect to take any corners in this bad boy.