Longboarding: Close Call


Longboarding can be extremely dangerous when you are going downhill against traffic. Just how dangerous, well if you collide with a car your helmet probably is not going to help much. Β Here is what happend according to the videographer:

I was following Troy Forsyth down this run and a sudden wind change from big head wind to big tail wind caught me off guard, this gave me too much speed going into the corner. On top of that Troy is quite a bit smaller than me and doesn’t carry as much speed into corners. Unfortunately instead of trying to slide I thought I might be able to give him a bump, but that didn’t work. Instead I took him out and we both bailed across the road in front of an oncoming car. Thankfully neither of us hit the car and we both walked away with minor injuries, Troy somehow better off than me. This was entirely my fault.

I would like to thank the people in the car that we almost hit, they couldn’t have been more helpful.