This robot can dance like Michael Jackson, and we can’t stop watching


This robot can dance like Michael Jackson, and we can't stop watching

If the king of pop Michael Jackson were alive to see this he would probably spin around grab his crotch and yell out “Hee Hee”. It seems fitting that we have a robot doing Michael Jackson, after all Michael did do ‘the robot’. Mind blown. This robot dancing like Michael Jackson which was designed by a company called BQ.  The Spanish company is the second largest smartphone manufacturer in Spain.  Alberto Mendez, BQ’s CEO wants to inspire the next generation of engineers. So he started by creating these kits which are under $100 and they come with all sorts of electronic components so that you can build robots to your own design. Programming will be handled using a drag and drop interface on your desktop, and you can even design and 3D print extra elements to fit onto your robot. Sounds awesome now let’s check out mini Mike.