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Biker Takes Selfies, Pops Wheelies During Chase By California Highway Patrol


This biker is lucky that the cops didn’t empty a clip in him and that he didn’t seriously injure himself or others. A cocky motorcyclist taunted cops by snapping selfies and pulling dangerous stunts during a 100 mph chase in California. Dramatic helicopter camera footage shows the biker standing up on his motorcycle to ride with no hands during the tense hourlong pursuit across two Los Angeles counties Wednesday afternoon. He also popped wheelies and ran numerous red lights, reports FOX 11. To further mock California Highway Patrol officers, he parked in a cul-de-sac and took his helmet off so he could adjust his earbuds. At another point, he also appeared to slow down and talk to two motorbike-riding officers who pulled up alongside him. The dudes name is Phillip Resendez,  22, and now he is in a huge pile of crap and  must face the long arm of the law. Definitely not worth the couple of minutes of showboating.